The essence of who we are

Essence Seeker is a personal project about identity – the unique and essential in all of us. It pays tribute to people, icons, brands and experiences that are truly original and exceptional, with each distilled into a single image and set of words. If we know the essence of who we are, we can navigate a complex world and make the most of our existence.

Essence Seeker opened with a small collection of tributes and will expand monthly. Each tribute is cultivated over time in the hope that it provides something rich to savour. My aim is to create a space dedicated to identity that inspires thought and conversation.


I spend my life searching for the essence – in defining brands for clients, discovering what makes people different or simply experiencing life. I continue to refine and perfect my process in helping others discover their unique essence. For more about my professional projects, please visit White Stone.

I hope you'll enjoy this site and participate in the discussion. See a photo capturing my essence along with a few questions. You can also reach me on Email and follow me on Twitter.