BMW 2002


Andrea Wilson

13 March 2012 14:46

Seiji, Interesting connections (and funny of course). What a great conversation we had over dinner too, starting with 'What does all this essence stuff mean and why does it matter?' and an hour later immersed in the many forms of essence. One more person converted!

I loved the idea that every element of our experience of a car is designed by people behind the scenes, obsessing over every detail...the sound, touch, even the pep (an official term, I'm sure), and the many dimensions behind each one of these (in sound...the stereo, engine, blinkers, and so on). Your tales about the two types of essence creators was also interesting...those that rely on metrics versus those that trust their senses...but we can save that topic for another day.

For anyone reading, Seiji is an automotive acoustic engineer. We lucked out once again.

seiji kawakami

01 March 2012 19:04

Vroom, Vroom = Engine sound
Engine sound = Lust
Old cars New cars

Andrea Wilson

08 February 2012 18:53

So glad you love it! As I was immersed in creating this tribute, searching for the right image to reflect the true spirit of this gem of a car, I thought thank goodness for the advertisers. But I think I'll stick to the essence...and the brand of course ;)

Larry Ackerman

01 February 2012 21:48

Love the little car...and your text which reads like terrific ad copy! Vroom, vroom!