David Foster Wallace


Andrea Wilson

26 November 2012 11:56

I'm really glad you like the image and quote combination. And thank you for such a wonderful thought about the multi-faceted view of the universe that is taking shape with each new tribute. Love it!

Kerry-Fleur Schleifer

02 November 2012 11:11

I love this image and quote side by side!
Wonderful to have more info on DFW also!
Such rich audacious colours accompanying a man of such conscientious nature!
Good way to start Autumn!

I feel excited by each piece of this wider, infinitismal expanse of mystery that is gathering with each new tribute. Like an epic puzzle taking place. Revealing one single EYE of the universe via a multinatured character of the Earth.

Kerry-Fleur x

Andrea Wilson

01 November 2012 22:33

This is a quote, story and man that is very rich on the subject of identity. David Foster Wallace seemed to be in a constant identity crisis and questioned pretty much everything to extreme degrees. His soul was trying to figure out the fundamental meaning of things and his sharp mind plunged to the depths of a subject (mostly what it's like to be a human being), saw its many facets and managed to articulate exactly what goes on in our heads.....in a way that is authentic, human and funny....and with such a unique style (long stream of consciousness sentences, use of footnotes as an art form, casual informality dropped into the middle of heavy thoughts, and so on).

Look at how much he packed into a single sentence in Good Old Neon, one short story. That's what I'm talking about. As much as getting to the essence of what makes us unique is the aim of this site/space in the world, this tribute highlights how the true essence of something or someone is always slightly out of reach.

Good Old Neon reveals a hyper-conscious man who thinks he's a fraud, as most of what he does is because of the impression he wants to make on others. Fascinating. There is so much more to say about DFW and what it is to be unique and alive on this earth, but I'm tapped out for now.
I look forward to your thoughts.