Kermit the Frog
Bein' Green


Andrea Wilson

08 February 2012 18:56

Yes indeed. Kermit really helps keep our world pure.

S.r. Mihaylov

31 January 2012 18:23

Kermit is green, he loves the nature and he recycles plastic, paper and bottles - it isn't easy indeed...

Tom Berry

14 October 2011 18:39

Kermit Rocks!!!

Andrea Wilson

25 September 2011 10:22

Wisdom in innocence. So true. For a little green frog questioning who he is, he certainly is a wise soul. Kermit forever!

Shannon Patterson

25 September 2011 02:23

I just love Kermit - he was a wise soul. And, he also had an innocence to his observations. I was reading somewhere recently that wisdom has an element of innocence to it, which resonated with me. Thanks, Kermit, for helping animate that observation for me.