Three Colours: Blue


Kerry-Fleur Schleifer

01 October 2012 22:03

visually i will always be replenished by this image

Andrea Wilson

01 May 2012 11:53

I'd like to share a story about one small and essential moment in the film...

'Kie%u015Blowski says "We are trying to show how the heroine perceives the world. We are trying to show that she focuses on small things, on things which are close to her. She doesn't care about things which are further away from her. She is trying to limit her world, to limit it to herself and her immediate environment."

Kie%u015Blowski's intention here was to show Julie concentrating on tiny details "in order to be able to discard other things". He spoke of sending an assistant on a long search for the right sugar cube (one which would dissolve in five seconds - no more, no less), based on his conviction that the viewer would be patient enough to wait for just this long and understand the implication: that she "watches the sugar cube dissolve into the coffee in order to reject an offer she has just received from a man who loves her".'

See the full article by Paul Newall:

Andrea Wilson

01 May 2012 11:42

Definitely check it out Mac. It is such a good favourite ever!

Mac C

03 April 2012 01:07

I have heard about this film, I will have to check it out!