Ultra Deep Field


Kerry-Fleur Schleifer

01 October 2012 22:05


Andrea Wilson

16 August 2012 12:14

I just discovered this - what it would feel like to fly through the universe: http://youtu.be/08LBltePDZw. One way to get to the essence!

Andrea Wilson

08 August 2012 11:28

I have thought long and hard about how to respond to your rich comment. At this stage, I'd simply like to share something else you said when we spoke:

'We are our past, our present, our future at the same time.'

So good Jens. Thank you.

Jens Hofma

01 August 2012 21:14

A powerful image of infinity where there is no before or after, here or there, me or you. Put anything in the context of infinity and it is reduced to zero. Our identity therefore transcends physicality. Staring into space gives me a feeling of greatness as opposed to insignificance: a small spot of humanity in an infinite void.