Andrea Wilson

06 October 2011 18:53

Steve Jobs was one of the few men representing all that I hold dear - a drive to create, the courage to be different, a desire to connect with what really matters to people, an ability to challenge convention in a fundamental way and the sheer persistence to turn all of this into reality. What a remarkable man.

Steve, you will remain in our hearts and in our lives, not only because of the incredible genius that is Apple, but because of who you were and how you lived your life every single day. With love, the world.

Marilyn Kolek

06 October 2011 04:16

Sad day for Apple.... we'll all miss Steve Jobs!.... quite the visionary and leader.... once in a century do you find someone like him.

Andrea Wilson

22 September 2011 14:52

This is the thing about love that is given unconditionally, even from a brand. It comes back to you in spades.

Rebecca Rogers

21 September 2011 16:22

I truly believe my apple products love me as much as I love them.