Solitude and Leadership


Andrea Wilson

04 October 2012 14:53


What an artful interpretation of the image. You can almost see the film of this, which was a fluid movement of people coming together and separating, all set to music.


Very interesting, the idea of a binary code of human relationship. The essence of what binds us, like other forms of essence, is always slightly out of reach...but worth at least trying to understand!

Thank you both for your thoughts...

Larry Ackerman

01 October 2012 23:54

Love the image. For me. it is the binary code of human relationships. Were it so easy to de-contruct and then reconstruct the essence of what binds us as a community.

Kerry-Fleur Schleifer

01 October 2012 21:55

it's really to me an 'everything'

A HUMAN music score
A celebration of the individual and the individual and the individual
coming together
separately One
human bird talk on a line

i feel more whole

The black an white togetherness!
An army of light!

Andrea Wilson

01 October 2012 15:55

In my view, William Deresiewicz's lecture is not just about a single country or about elite institutions, many of which teach us principles, standards, discipline and teamwork, and enable us to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

It is about knowing and believing in our own thoughts, while remaining connected to others in a meaningful way, so we can take others with us and make a bigger difference than we otherwise could on our own.

This may or may not have been his intent, but I'd like to think it is. Do share any views of your own...